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9 of the most common questions about Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

Ultrasonic cleaning works through high-frequency sound waves transmitted through liquid to scrub clean the surface of immersed blinds. The high-frequency sound waves, agitate the solution of water or solvent, and cause the cavitation of solution molecules.

What is cavitation?

Think bubbles. Cavitation “bubbles” form when sonic energy creates a void (or cavity) that gets trapped as a bubble in a solution of water or solvent. These microscopic bubbles implode (at 500 F) with such force that contaminants adhering to surfaces are dislodged. Ultrasonic cleaning machines "scrub" surfaces clean through implosions of tiny bubbles.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for cleaning a wide variety of materials, including metals, glass, rubber, ceramics, fabrics, and some hard plastics. An ultrasonic cleaner is especially useful for removing tightly-adhered contaminants from fabric with holes, cracks and recesses. Examples of contaminants removed through ultrasonic cleaning include dust, dirt, oil, grease, water marks, and bug stuff.
The fluid used in ultrasonic cleaning systems can be either water-based or solvent-based. Both types of cleaning solutions contain wetting agents (surfactants) to reduce surface tension and increase cavitation. Water based cleaning solutions are generally more limited in cleaning effectiveness however, they are better for the environment than solvent cleaning solutions, there fore solvents are not used in cleaning blinds.
In ultrasonic blind cleaning, the blinds are immersed in a bath of warm water and cleaning solution, and the ultrasonic cleaning takes between 2 and 15 mins, depending on the type of blind. Then it is placed in the rince side of the machine, after which they are hung to be detailed (if needed) and then dried.

How long will it take to get your blinds back?

Typically, if the blinds can be picked up or dropped off by 8:30 am they can be ready for delivery or pick up by 4:30 pm the same day.

Is there a charge for pick up and reinstallation?

Yes, there is a charge for the pick-up and re-install of blinds. However, there is no charge and a discount of 15% of the cost of the cleaning, when you drop them off and rehang them yourself. (This is a great option for a DIY person or say if you have the blinds down for painting or window replacement).

Will my blinds shrink?

No, blinds are made of man, sorry (person) made synthetic materials. However, if there are flaws, holes, or if the blind has been cleaned incorrectly in the past. We'll those things just can't be fixed.

What type of blinds can be cleaned?

Almost all types of blinds can be cleaned, horizontal or vertical, 2-inch and mini, plastic and metal, pleated shades, honeycomb and silhouettes. Now, the exceptions are real wool and black-out blinds. And if the blind is over 10 years old, they may have issues.

Why do I need my blinds cleaned?

We have heard this more than a few times over the past 38 years, there is the long answer (the one I give my wife) and the short answer (but that one sounds sarcastic) OK here goes. #1 They are dirty. #2 The air in your home moves in a circular motion, picking up dust, dirt, and pet dander, also bugs get trapped and squished. Your blinds (like your carpets, rugs, and upholstery) work as filters, cleaning the air you breath. Vacuuming will help to a point if it is done on a regular basis, but at some point, they need more help (there is more, but you get my drift).

How much will it cost to clean my blinds?

The price would depend on the size and type of the blind, we offer a no charge at home or our best-educated guess over the phone estimate. What we can say is, it will be a lot less than replacing.

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