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Have the confidence that your area rugs will be taken care of properly to restore their beautiful colours!

Area Rugs can be as inexpensive as a simple doormat or hallway runner - or they can also be some of the most valuable and loved items in our homes. Advantage Carpet Cleaning techs are trained and equiped to clean every type of area rug, from a simple walk-off mat to the hand-made, one-of-a-kind Persian you brought back from your holidays 30 years ago. Many carpet cleaners may offer to clean your area rugs in your home, or you may have seen the U-tube video on "how to clean your area rug in the driveway, with a pressure washer and a scrub brush" (TIP: Don't do it).

It is always best to have your rugs professionally cleaned at a proper, area rug cleaning plant/shop. Having area rugs cleaned in your home may not be the best idea, as it can cause all kinds of trouble, ie. the rug may not dry properly and can cause problems with your wood or laminate flooring, because of the excess moisture. With the proper tools, equipment and training, we have available in our shop. We can provide a much more comprehensive cleaning than any simple, at home rental steam cleaner could. Most woven rugs can be safely shampooed and completely flushed out. Soaking, scrubbing, and flushing until only clean water flows from your rug, working out stains and wear areas, and restoring the fringes, if that is what you want. Or they can be cleaned but still have there age showing. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning of machine/man made rugs, can be safely cleaned using the hot water extraction cleaning methods.

A cleaning solution that is safe for your rug's fiber is applied to loosen soil, scrubbed in and then extracted using our powerful cleaning unit. Other cleaning methods are also available for the very finest fibres and other specialty situations. All rugs are hung to dry in our drying room. The drying room environment is controlled using airmovers and dehumidifiers to provide the optimum drying conditions. A rug that is dried quickly will rarely have problems with dye bleeding or stretching.

Advantage Carpet Cleaning offers pickup and return for all in-plant area rug cleaning in the Comox Valley, Campbell River and the surrounding areas, rugs are cleaned at our Campbell River shop. We can come to your home or office to give you a price quote for the cleaning, after discussing any spots, stains or areas of concern, then take your rugs to our shop. Once the work is completed, your rugs will be returned clean, dry and ready for use, or to be placed in storage or the moving truck. We do have storage bags available if needed. After almost 40 years of cleaning, Advantage Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is your most trusted company on the North Vancouver Island.

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