Five Tips To A Cleaner Garage

Author: Scott Guthrie | | Categories: Cleaning Specialists , Garage Cleaning

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Tidying up the garage often leads to spending a great deal of time cleaning and sorting through every item. As most households accumulate massive amounts of clutter in their garage, this space has become nothing more than a home’s “dumping ground.” Suppose you’re a homeowner guilty of cluttering your garage and want to get your garage organized quickly and painlessly. You will need to put in some effort and just a weekend’s worth of time. SG Advantage Carpet Upholstery Coating Polishing wants you to learn how to clean the garage and create storage space for all of your stuff. They have rounded up five tips to keep in mind when cleaning your garage.

Tip #1: Storage!
Get pegboard, bins, totes, and fix a counter space to get your garage organized. It will help in getting the clutter off the ground and tuck away neatly.

Tip #2: A good vacuum or dust collection system
The next step is to dust off the dirt from the ground as well as the ceiling. Sweep and vacuum the tops of your cabinets, shelves, walls, etc., and get rid of the cobwebs too.

Tip #3: Garbage and recycling bins
As you move in to clear your garage, make sure to have garbage bins to discard the unwanted waste. Also, keep a recycling bin during the garage cleanout so that you can separate what you would like to sell or donate.

Tip #4: Listen to music
Who doesn’t like to listen to music? Keep yourself entertained by listening to your favorite tunes while cleaning out your garage. It can actually help you complete the task faster and enjoyable.

Tip #5: A beautiful epoxy flake floor
This is a clear coat that’s easy to keep clean! It will easily help you scrub off the toughest stains, including oil, paint, and rust, as it is durable and long-lasting. Speak with a flooring expert to get a professional quality epoxy floor finish for your garage.

For more tips on how to maintain your garage, reach out to SG Advantage Carpet Upholstery Coating Polishing. As a specialist in floor care maintenance, we take pride in meeting all our client’s floor care needs. Our flooring service includes hard surface floor care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, epoxy floor coating, as well as janitorial services. We serve clients across Vancouver Island, Campbell River, Courtenay, Quadra Island, Gold River, Sayward, and the surrounding areas.

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