The New Way Of Thinking

Author: Scott Guthrie | | Categories: Pressure Washing

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The COVID pandemic brought about a lot of changes when it came to the way that people were running their companies. The Government implemented new rules revolving around the way people could interact with one another. The changes that they were making forced people to stay indoors as much as possible, while most of the people were remote working.

As a company, we had to make changes in the way we were functioning, but it did not change much for us. We were now using extra disinfectant and getting all of the people working on our team and the clients getting in touch with us to start using masks. We wanted to make sure the people we were working with were safe, and we were not spreading the virus around.

From a business point of view, some months were a lot slower than others. We started noticing that the months where the Government was adding new restrictions were slower than the months where they were not. However, we were always open to working with people to increase the work that we were doing.

There were rules that the Government was imposing about the way people were interacting with one another. Most were not allowed to meet in person, which meant that there were a large number of people who did not want to risk getting sick. The changes forced us to have most of our conversations over the phone. Furthermore, we implemented online booking and accepting cards such as visa MasterCard debit. We also started working with e-transfers to make the payment process convenient for our clients so they would not even have to leave their homes when they were coordinating it. However, we were open to meeting clients in person, if they wanted to meet us as we were looking to make the process as easy as possible for them. As a company, we were working from our office space, while still visiting residential and commercial clients, if they were open to it. Unfortunately, we did not open our office to the public, so it is only the team that meets at the office.

When it comes to the work we are doing throughout the pandemic, it was business as usual. We had to implement some changes when it came to keeping the rest of the team safe by using electrostatic disinfection and the regular use of a hand sanitizer to make sure everyone that we interact with is safe. We used to function as a 24-hour floor maintenance company pre-pandemic, and we are still working for 24-hours regularly. The main reason we stuck to it was that people were not comfortable interacting with others, to stay safe during the pandemic. Most offices and business centers preferred us getting into their offices after they were done for the day and cleaning and making changes to their floor if that was a requirement that they needed.

With the type of work we handle, we are using the regular channels to communicate and provide information to our clients. We use our phones and occasionally to keep in touch while they communicate their requirements and details with clients depending on their needs.

We are open to meeting people, as long as all protocols are maintained. However, as mentioned earlier, we do not force meetings. We prefer communicating with clients in person and are open to traveling to meet them. We are always open to meetings via video conferencing using Zoom and other platforms depending on the platform and the requirements of our clients. We would also love to take part in virtual public events and business Expos whenever the opportunity shows up.

We want to tell everyone that they should stay calm and we’re all in this together. There is nothing more that we can do, other than gathering the information put out by the Government and taking as many precautions as possible.

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