Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Floor Care And Carpet Cleaning!

Author: Scott Guthrie |


All the floor or carpet cleaning tips found on the internet may seem informative and easy to follow; however, not everything you read online is true. Some of them may be myths, misconceptions, or false rumors that may have been floating around for generations. 

Without adequate industry knowledge, these misbeliefs may seem like a great cost-effective alternative to hiring professionals. While floor maintenance or carpet cleaning is necessary to create a healthy environment, following inaccurate information or shying away from hiring experts may do more harm than good to your floor or carpet. Unfortunately, without flooring specialists, there is a high chance of damaging the lifespan and efficiency of the product. 

To steer clear of a possible negative outcome and benefit from the services of an expert, SG Advantage Carpet Upholstery Coating Polishing has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about floor care and carpet cleaning. 

Myth 1: Floors don’t need a maintenance program

This myth exists because people are unaware of these programs or fail to realize the importance of well-maintained floors. Today, floor care and maintenance services are highly recommended, especially for businesses. Floors that are shining and clean create a positive impression on customers and may even entice them to buy more. As floor care specialists, we believe that with time and our expert floor care services, we can provide more business. 

Myth 2: Damp mopping is the best way to clean wood floors

This is untrue as water and wood do not mix. In fact, a soaking wet mop puts excess water on the floors, which may have negative consequences. Wet mopping can void your warranty and cause warping, de-lamination, and joint-line separation. To prevent these problems, use a spray like the Bona hardwood floor cleaner spray to lightly mist the floor and then use a dry mop.

Myth 3: Vacuuming a carpet once a week will keep it clean 

This is one of the biggest myths homeowners worldwide believe in. It’s surprisingly easy to believe in this misconception, especially if your carpet doesn’t look visibly dirty. However, many homeowners are unaware that carpets attract harmful allergens such as mold and dust mites, regardless of how often you vacuum. While routine vacuuming is necessary, professional cleaning services are needed at least once a year to maintain a truly healthy, clean carpet.

As floor care specialists in Campbell River, British Columbia, at SG Advantage Carpet Upholstery Coating Polishing, we take pride in meeting the floor care needs of all our clients. We offer exceptional quality results as we use the latest floor care products and the most innovative equipment in the market.   

Our services include vinyl composite tile stripping and waxing, concrete cleaning and sealing, tile and grout restoration and carpet and upholstery cleaning, and more. 

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